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Message Subject U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama the Rockefeller Puppet
Poster Handle hoot no more/hasheater
Post Content
duh, he is not their "puppet"; he is most likely a bastard
Rockefeller grandson. The Dunham grandparents were in Oklahoma working for the Rockerfellers getting oil leases at the time BO's mother was born. They were also known to be lifelong swingers. In fact the Dunhams can be traced back to the proto-communist swinger commune Onieda in the early 1800s in New York state. Might very well have been part of the covert Rockefeller/Rothschild breeder program as was Bill Clinton.

BO was likely born six months earlier than the official date in a private hospital in
Canada with the true father being Frank Marshall Davis's good friend and pimp Malcom Little/X
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