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Message Subject Possible New "Smiley Face Killer" Murder at UW Whitewater - missing college student found out of the way in a quarry
Poster Handle Carol B.
Post Content
They all looked like accidental drownings. This guy goes out of his way to go to a quarry in the dark and falls off and it gets called in as a phone tip 2 days later? Something is fishy. How could police even tell if he was pushed or fell?

Maybe it was an accident and the guy was alone, but really did the killer just stop and say oh well I'm not going to be a serial killer anymore? Or hold back for awhile then change the M.O. to keep from getting caught?

They usually don't stop.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1407505

You are correct..they usually don't stop. And, I do find this case interesting in the same way you do, OP.
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