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Message Subject i want to be an illuminati
Poster Handle Evolved Ministry
Post Content

So, I see that you get most of your information about Freemasons and other such groups from primarily conspiracy oriented media. Fine.

I just want you to understand that most Masons are your locals who build your homes, donate to organizations that feed the poor, and provide support systems for those in need. There are VERY good people who are Illuminatti, and like any organization, there are also the negative. I won't even call them bad because they are intentionally making decisions in this world to provide choice.

We have 6.5 BILLION people on this planet versus a very limited 1% that you think of as the "Elite."

Universally, they are not the elite at all, but, this world is going its current direction because of the WORLD's choice to allow it. You guys sit in here and BITCH 24/7 and have every option available to you to do something, yet, you JUDGE the elite for all of the evil while you quietly contribute nothing but complaints. You could have changed this at any time. Again...6.5 billion people have allowed a few million to run amuck and you call the remainder who have done about as much as YOU HAVE "Sheeple." You may be aware that there's a problem, but, what good has this awareness accomplished? You're more to blame than those who DON'T notice anything going on around them.

You might as well be the Illuminatti yourself because you have knowledge that something is wrong, but, you sit here everyday inventing ways to be insulting as opposed to providing solutions.

So, what's your solution??? To BITCH??? TO CALL NAMES??? Your world is BURNING and the only thing that you can do is add to the fire by throwing out negativity. Well, I applaud you for being SO MUCH MORE PROACTIVE than the rest of the SHEEPLE, and believe me, as long as you're angry, negative, hateful, and full of pride...you're serving the same MASTER as those who have ignited the FLAMES.

Food for thought smart guy...

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