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Message Subject Dear breeders, the planet is full, get yourself snipped
Poster Handle green_girl
Post Content
my dear OP - you are not entirely right.
What good does what you say do for anyone??
We are living beings, here for one purpose alone, and that is to procreate, like all animals. Sure, natural selection is no longer helping us to cull our numbers naturally. The weak are carried along with the strong - but that is what seperates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. There is more than enough resources here for all of us and more - we are just always told differently. I am, as you have said - a breeder. I love my daughters and am very proud of them, young though they are they show remarkable intelligence, and they have bright futures. They will be an asset to humanity in some way or other. And if things work out ok financially, in a few years we would like one more child to complete our family. I refuse to feel guilty about adding more wonderful, intelligent and caring people into this world - this world will need them. Of that I am certain.
True, there are many people that probably shouldnt be having children, but we cannot take away their right to bear offspring. To do that would be to pass jus=dgement on them, and who would get to be the one to draw the line?? Where do we draw it? Should only rich people get to have children? WHat kind of world would that create? Should only the religious? Not much better. What about using intelligence as a marker to determine who should have children? That does no good, as intelligence is not often hereditary - we could still end up with a bunch of idiots running the world.
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