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Subject The Truth about Christians and Jews is they are running the control grid for the Annunaki
Poster Handle FREE and NAKED!
Post Content
I'm tire of being told to "OBEY" by Christians and Jews obsessed with controlling me, even my thoughts. Who are these evil control freaks who think by reading some insane Bible that they are in charge?

Like the aliens in "They Live" they are always telling me to obey or get married and have little children slaves (see [link to www.imdb.com]

The Jews completely infest the legal system, like 75% of the lawyers are Jews, who are imposing their Rabbinic Talmudic psychopathic doctrine of my sacred being. All law is legal fiction, no one has any right to tell me what to do or how to behave, if I want to suntan naked then that is my perogative, and fuck you if your Bible (Annunaki bullshit) says otherwise.

If I was born naked by the creator than I can suntan naked, fuck you to hell you bastard religious freaks, you do not represent god at all!

The truth is humans are a slave race and Christians and Jews are traitorous enforcers of heirarchal systems destroying humanity and the planet!
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