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Illuminati, Hoagland Moon Structures & H2O

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1267878
United States
06/03/2011 04:44 PM
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Illuminati, Hoagland Moon Structures & H2O
Now that large quantities of water are acknowledged on the moon hasn't the construction picture changed?
:” How can we build a settlement without good cement? …
…On Earth, most of the minerals used to make cement are associated with water in some way. Limestone is laid down by living organisms at the bottom of shallow seas. Gypsum forms when an inland sea dries up. There is no water on the Moon and there never has been. No minerals of this type can be expected….” [link to www.lunarpedia.org]

Now do we have gypsum? I’m no construction expert, but this seems to make Richard Hoagland’s glass structures on the moon much more probable.
And it is interesting to see the Georgia Pacific’s logo and product line.