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Message Subject Is anyone real anymore?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And have you noticed that these same people who have wronged you will tell everyone how you wronged them or other in some way? They will even make things up to make you into a villain which in some way, in their minds, justifies not paying you back.

 Quoting: January Wolves

I have seen that happen to others yeah.
 Quoting: Gradient

This is not limited to just money either. I had a guy living near me who would neglect his dog every day. Leaving it to bark all night, roaming the streets all day while he was out (presumably working), yelling at it from inside his building when all the dog wanted was to go inside and be warm.

I tried a few different techniques to try and get him to take responsibility but in the end I simply had to call the authorities at which point he tried to put the blame on me saying it was my cat's fault for sitting on top of the fence on the odd occasion. Incredibly dumb.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1414522

Oh I have one of those neighbors- leaves their dogs out in the heat - barks all day and night - now they have 3, but its me whose the bitch for calling and complaining,,, but they dont seem to notice their dogs are in distress - and as he explains to me, he wants them to bark! So he doesnt care how much of a disturbance they make to neighbors! How inconsiderate can you get?
well guess what, HES A COP NOW!
He can get away with whatever - his wife has threatened me - left a note on my porch - told me to NEVER talk to him or ask for any favors, AS IF< she is dreaming as if I would ask him for one, hes an asshole - and she is an enabler he probably cheats on her - so is jealous of anyone he even looks at!
they are the ones who leave their shit against the fence and now its leaning & ruined ,,of course Im the one at fault because I complained to the HOA! But he just left it there and you cant reason with an asshole! Ive tried!
Ive had others whom I have met a long the way - ones in authority who you are supposed to trust who LIE - I met an EM/T cop ,, who lied to me too - said he was single , not married blah blah
did my own investigation - and found out hes married with three kids
and nothing but a hound - then another so called fireman friend whom I have known for about a yr called me out of the blue ,, to ask me if he could borrow 2000 dollars ,,,R U KIDDING ME!!!
hes got firemans credit union - and fire house buddys - and a girlfriend and a huge family, Ive met them!
but he calls ME to borrow money from,,,REALLY?
Im sick of people lying, taking advantage and in general not taking care of their own shit!
Im becoming a recluse!
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