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My story is logged on GLP for over 8 years now.

I have been mind controlled by the masons, government, fbi and cia and logged it publically now for a long time.

glp search ZAKK! its there for all!

do you respond to images? numbers and colors?

do you masonic 32? gangflash? lizards, aliens and dimensional energies... who and which correspond to energies and numbers and a global secret system?

are you being jerked off by aliens in space time?

did u join something that fucked you, kept you alive but linked to a collective? a hive?

is your vision imparred? do you see extra?

do u see things on top of other things? do you see flashes?

can your esp interact with the energies in on or around the TV ??

can u interact with esp with the radio dj's or nefilm in the radio?? at a real fast speed? or slow speed?

do u 32 this or 33 that? CB this and CK that?

all mk ultra triggers...

Do you see mr sunshine? are you a molester who is in a top secret cult? and now see extra and are forced to interact with it???

dimensional aliens... and mk ultra... Ive seen it all!
 Quoting: Zakk 1332391


zakkSubscriber (OP)
User ID: 797075
United States
10/20/2009 5:39 PM

Re: My name is Zakk - Im against Freemasonry , yet educated by them Ask me A Question! Quote [+] #

Remember, freemasons are aliens who look human who are lizards, who have lizards in them , and are all molesters, and homosexuals, and fronters. This is why this nation is a joke, they are all sick... yet, are over educated to the point they can FRONT and ACT like everything is normal, yet, they are dimensionally fucked and die before 2012 ... cuz of the dimensional satanic cult problem THEY created.. remember, freemasons all joined something that lied to them, and them fucked them and thought it was funny.... you get switched, and then locked down under alien control ... and informmed of 'godlike things' .. so you walk around jacked by aliens, full of knowledge at the speed of light, and can front and act like you are something.. and even make a sign to impress others who are stuck ...

My thoughts on this, are that all the masons die .. and that comes from masons cuz they know they are satan, fronting... and acting like nothing is going on... essentially, using alien computers to talk like they are something, while, using the image of a person to look human ... but aint!

So, masonry thought it was going to reward people with knowledge, litereally all of history at their fingertips, but ... masonry forgot its all 100% evil ... and died for what it is.

2012..THATS WHEN THEY what? die?
 Quoting: Buggedout

My grandfather was a mason.
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