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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What if you have no evidence of such, but there have been strange things happen your entire life?

What about memories that you are not sure if they actually happened or you just dreamed them?

And how would a 30 something yr old adult, know if they were ever abused as a child, but most likely not by parents?

I have many many questions, and absolutely no answers!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1416403

Waking up Tired.

People around you behave strange, even your family.

Believing in things you think are not normal but nevertheless doing them.

Having dream where you float or can fly ( alien abduction )

Waking up and little of your teeth ridge missing ( alien sample )

Felling something is not right.

Meeting strange people with hypnotizing eyes.

This people telling you strange words.

People or your family, repeating you words about you that are not true.

Supernatural things happening around you.

Thinking it is some day of the week but it is one day more, and you can not remember what you have done on the missing day.

If somebody or something is bringing you mental down, even if it looks like you have some troubles, it is all staged.

Stay away from repeating something again and again, stay away from people who do something like that.

Games have sounds or events repeating again and again.

If people want to know 24/7 about where are you, and can not go somewhere without somebody knowing where you are.

If somebody causing you fear.

If somebody is accusing you about something again and again.

If somebody is making some kind of mental terror.

If you do not have normal life, like other people around.

Lost time even for short time, not remembering anything.

Feelings that aliens are real.

Thinking you remember you was with aliens, but can not remember for sure.

Knowing something you never have seen or done or learned.

People around being slow motion, and you getting angry to have to repeat everything again.

When you speak expecting that people understand what you want to say even when you do not speak the sentence to end.

Mostly it is about convincing you about something, with mental terror, fear, accusation and repeating. It can lead to emotional numbness.

But it depends what kind of brainwashing you are under. There can be humans brainwashing you or aliens. To detect humans it should be more easy. You have to know your self and observe everything around you and never hurry with anything. Do not let anybody decide for you what to do where to go what to believe etc.
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