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I am sorry to hear about your situation AC. It certainly appears to be something that you need to explore much further. There are some reputable therapists who can help you re-integrate if you have been tampered with (for lack of a better term). You have to be careful with regards to selecting a therapist. Many appear to be co-opted by the MKUltra program. Your best bet would be too ask questions on some of the boards that deal with victims. There are many victims (too many), and they are finally starting to find each other and help each other heal.

Don't expect it to be an easy process. Many memories you almost assuredly don't want to get back, and success is not assured. Still, hope is never lost. Ever!

Eventually, those that commit these crimes will be exposed, and their victims will be recognised and helped. Their days are numbered.

But whatever happens, don't stop asking questions. Don't stop seeking the truth.

Also, I remember that thread, and there was a great deal of good and bad information there. Sure there were shills, but there were also real victims there too (imho). Read it carefully, and decide for yourself. Some of the folks there can probably point you in the right direction.
 Quoting: JamesBe1

Thank you JamesBe1. You're right hope is never lost.
I know in my heart my situation was never as severe as it was for (too) many children, or maybe I'm just programmed to think that way. I do truly feel content and free of any oppressive people in my life but I just wish I knew a way to introduce people to all this information without being called insane.
The only way (i think) to eradicate satanic ritual abuse and all that relates is to make people aware of what's really going on. I've tried dozens of times to explain it to people and I always seem to get the same response: "why would I want to hear about that?". It's very frustrating. I suppose I can only guide people in the direction of what I believe to be true. If only people stopped caring so much about Hollywood idols and what's going on on facebook and eating up the s*** the PTB feed them it would be a bit easier to realize the truth. UGH burnit

I suppose I'm a bit off topic. I apologize to the OP
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1431477

I don't think you are off topic at all. In fact, you bring up a very salient aspect of this problem. That is, people would prefer to watch dancing with the stars than look around them at what is going on. Hollywood is one of the major tools that tptb use to distract people and disinform people about this. If anyone has watched the movie Sybil, they went away thinking that she was a victim of some strange illness, when in fact, she was probably a victim of some sort of organized abuse (SRA, MKUltra, etc.) Most people took away the message that science doesn't really know what causes DID. IMHO, it is usually intentionally induced for some purpose other than honorable.

As long as people stare at the idiot box to learn about what the world is like, they will be grossly misinformed. I always recommend that people get rid of their televisions. It would be hypocritical of me not to mention that I do watch a little bit. At least I can say that I watch it from a totally different perspective than most. All in all, television serves mostly to reinforce many pre-concieved/pre-programmed notions of the world around us. One of the worst notions is to let someone else do your thinking for you. The message is to trust the experts instead of your own intelligence. I say FUCK THAT! Another notion worth mentioning is that if they don't tell you about it, it's not worth knowing. That's one of the reasons that people say "Why would I want to hear about that?" They have been programmed to think that if the news isn't reporting on it, it's not worth knowing. Very sad and dangerous. Also, people are programmed to intentionally turn away from news like the topic at hand. They have been told by the tv that someone else is going to fix the problem for them. It's kinda hard to come to terms with the realization that the people they think are going to fix the problem are in on it. The resolution of their cognitive dissonance allows people to turn their head away from the unpleasantness of this problem. Read up on how cognitive dissonance is used as a tool to control people, and you begin to understand how they operate. When you see the weapons of your enemies, you can negate them and empower yourself.

At its worst, television is outright used as intentional programming of young minds. Many victims have come forward and revealed that as young children, they were subjected to many hours of specific television programs (mostly disney). I believe this was done to entertain their conscious minds and program their subconscious minds.

Ever wonder why they refer to it as programming?

BTW, as far as introducing people to this information without being called insane. You can't. I've tried, and I have found that people are programmed to find anyone of a dozen different reasons not to care. The best that you can do is to be sensitive to people and when you chance upon someone who seems to be curious about it, then point them in the right direction. An interesting way to introduce it is to mention the name Candy Jones (she was one of the first), and let people ask question about her, and pique their curiosity so that they remember the name and hopefully investigate her story.
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