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I'll try to help with some ideas but please keep in mind that we are all different. That being said, I truly believe that we all have the ability to heal from this with our own unique minds. All the info that you need to help you through is sitting in your head. Somewhere inside you, you already know how they did it to you so you also know how to reverse it. Some will say to themselves (to some of my suggestions), I can't do that.. don't write it off until you give it a shot.

Start by getting yourself into a safe place, preferably alone. I don't care if you have to grab a tent and go into the woods...just do it. You have to put your needs first on this. If others around you truly care about you they will respect that you are doing what you have to do. In my case I had a very small apt...it was cheap yet comfy. I removed anything that I could possibly hurt myself or anyone else with. I used butter knives to reinforce the security of doors and windows. Once you feel that you are in a safe place, get ready to nest. Find simple comfort things for yourself. For me it was my favorite cartoon character Dino from the Flintstones, writing paper, soothing music, perhaps even a song that inspires you. For me it was Irene Cara's "what a feeling". The key words in this song were "I am rhythm now". Your vibration rhythm is something that you want to change inside you. You want to raise it up. This is something very powerful that works against the programming. Music is a very powerful weapon in healing. Find songs that make you feel good. Here's the part that might be hard for some of you, find pictures of yourself from when you were a child..get as many as you can. Study them, try to remember when the picture was taken, try to remember how you felt at the time. Try to feel the innocence of that child. It will be your job to protect and listen to him/her. Line the pictures up so that they are visible to you. On a side note but an important one: I know that cartoon characters can be triggers so let me explain why I selected Dino. I use to watch the Flintstones as a child. They knew this so they used it (the idea behind this is to destroy everything that you like or enjoy). My father dresses up as Fred and my mother as Wilma. You know how Wilma had a bone in the back of her hair? Well my mother had a real human bone in the back of hers. The cartoon show was a reminder of trauma so I never watched it again. Dino was my way of defying them. Dino use to run up to Fred and knock him over holding him down so that he couldn't get up...it's symbolic.

Ok, so now your in your comfort zone...stay away from anything negative! I mean it...stay away from it. Do not watch violent movies, do not look up doomsday stuff on the net, do not listen to violent music...all those things and anything else that brings you down. It brings your vibration down...you want to keep your vibration up.

Get ready to argue. Everything that you ever thought you knew no longer applies. If a disturbing song enters your head replace it with a song that you like. Fight against that song playing over and over. Sing the song you like out loud if you have to...keep fighting with it until it stops. When it comes up again and again, keep fighting again and again. Argue with yourself over every issue that comes up in your head..this will help you get to the bottom of how you truly feel rather than what you were told to feel. I can't emphasize enough how important this is. You are deprogramming yourself when you do this. You will probably have times where you feel defeated....it's a lie....keep going, it works!

Adrenalin can be an issue (it was huge for me). Sometimes the programming comes at you really fast and it pumps your adrenalin which just makes it come even faster. I learned that by slowing my body down it also slowed my mind down. Start moving in slow motion when this happens. Even if you are just wanting to sit, just move your arms in slow motion...this will stop it. At some point you might find that anything moving fast around you messes you up...stop looking at it! Cars driving by, people jogging down the street....don't look at it.

Emotions: Stay with them. Stop running away from it. Get inside them and find out where they are coming from. This alone will probably kick off recovering your memories. So many of us just run from them. We shake them off by finding something to take our minds off of it....stop doing this! I know it's hard but if you want your truth, if you want what was yours and should never have been taken away from you then you will have to work to get it back...feel! Feel all of it! It might get really bad and you might cry so hard that you howl....so be it...let it happen. At some point you will get a taste of what peace really feels like. Once you get that feeling you will keep going just to be able to feel it more and more. It's the most amazing thing you will ever feel so fight for it!

There's more to it all of course but that would take a book to cover. I've brought up the most important things. If you do these things the answers to your questions will get answered. I'm willing to help anyone that asks.
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