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Re-post from the Gifted thread:

Slowly putting the pieces of a shattered mirror back together...

"The army at Fort Dietrick has done mind control experiments, and Dr. Andrija Puharich was a major figure in this project since the fifties. In addition to the usual foci, it included electromagnetic experiments. In the Nixon years, there was much interest in electronic stimulation of the brain as well as the use of ultrasonics and radiation.

In 1981, David Brinkley wrote in NBC Magazine about Russian experiments with the brain through electronic stimulation. By then it was known that the Russians were also working with strong broadband transmissions. It is been known since the 1960s that brain implants can be inserted easily and at least produce feelings of pain and pleasure.

Project Moonstruck began in 1952 and aimed at placing implants in the brain and teeth. It was also known since the 1930s that remote electronic waves can be used to hypnotize. In 1963, three scientists from Boston placed implants in the brains of three VC prisoners at Bien Hoa Hospital. The implanting was successful but the doctors were unable to make the prisoners attack each other, so the three were shot. How far this knowledge has been carried is unclear. There was also speculation in the late seventies, that electronic processes could not only wipe out memories, they could also wipe out large periods of time subjects. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is also involved in these activities.

The experimenters are also interested in ESP, a defense mechanism found in some people which is probably a holdover from primitive times. There was also a strong interest in remote viewing (RV) and in training people to deliver messages exactly and then completely forget them. AS for remote viewing, a Freedom of Information request in 1972 turned up CIA Technical Services Contract 8473 with the Scientologists for remote viewing services.

Attorney David Rosebaum found that about 100 employees at a Monaca, Pa. Chemical plant had died strange deaths. Members of their families who asked questions also had a high mortality rate. He found that men on the plant’s medical staff had subjected at least two women to hypnosis under traumatic conditions. Both men were in a cult called the Order of the Fourth Reich. Later he learned that other employees were subjected to this treatment and also that they were being taught how to “remember to forget.“ Drugs were used to help victims regress to childhood. Some of the victims though they had dealings with Joseph Mengele, and whoever this Mengele really was, he told one person that he had programmed Lee Harvey Oswald—almost certainly these comments were meant to be disinformation. They believed “Mr. Halloran,” a second torturer/programmer, was a CIA man."

[link to forwardamerica.blogspot.com]

[link to pecangroup.org]
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