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Message Subject The Real 13 illuminati Bloodlines Exposed, Springmeier was Misinfo, do your part, research the families, write the book Springmeier should have writ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is not imagination is that people are bred together for specific reasons just like cattle. Political alliances aside, certain families are selectively bred as you would a race horse. In Italy for instance the now suppossedly non existant nobili class are still bread together for specific traits. If you were a cavalieri ereditario you would for instance fit very well on a horse in a suit of milanese armor, have long sword arms and be thin enough to fit in tight alleys. Chances are if your family has an official coat of arms that at one point in time selective breeding was practiced in your family. This would be particularly true if your people were from italy which was one of the few places to have hereditary knights. Ireland has some as well. This wouldn't seem so bad if it were not that some selective inbreeding is used to maintain the genetic traits they are looking for. I'll stop now or this could be a disertation.
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