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Message Subject The Real 13 illuminati Bloodlines Exposed, Springmeier was Misinfo, do your part, research the families, write the book Springmeier should have writ
Poster Handle Wingedlion
Post Content
Unfortunately Fritz got too close to his main source of information, Chisco Wheeler. She was not only the real deal, she was a Nephilim. And I do not trust them. They can make you believe lies. There are not 13 Illuminati families, there are ten. Ten original Nephilim bloodlines from which all their power is derived from them. They are all generational Satanist of some sort, but Fritz's list is incomplete and it will be next to impossible to know them all because the real Leaders are always hidden and protected.

The only way to destroy them is through Spiritual warfare. That is the only way. They depend on manipulation of the higher realms to instigate their plans. I have destroyed their plans on several occasions, and have destroyed their leaders. because what happens in the higher realms will occur in the physical world. As a Born again Believer, I have all power and authority over them in Jesus Christ. That means that I can pull down their strongholds in the higher realms through power and authority. I have been doing this for over 12 years now Their end will soon come, and it will occur just as the Bible prophesied it would. It would fall in one hour, in one day will such pain and distress come upon them. Widow hood and loss of children in one single day. The Fall of Mystery Babylon the great. It is the work of "The sword of the Lord and of King David."
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