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Message Subject The Real 13 illuminati Bloodlines Exposed, Springmeier was Misinfo, do your part, research the families, write the book Springmeier should have writ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You could tell "Springmeier" was a disinfo agent, watching his presentation videos he would put up slides of secret society pyramid that have been made public, but he wouldmt talk about them. He thru up the slides and talked about something else, misinfo.

He said he had been travelling extensively throughout Europe for over a decade. this is something CIA and Jesuits do while in training. He wore a beard to hide his face, so he could continue to work after he was allegedly thrown in prison. Hes working in the USA right now somewhere, or he could be in a monestary.

Most broadcasers promoting him, especially his "wife", must already know this.-Alex Jones had her on.

There probably is not 13 fams just the top few Rothschilds/Rockefeller with close ties back to the Vatican.

William Schnobelin(sp) is also suspect, with his claims of 90 deg. Illuminati witch. The top degrees of masonry are the York right Kights of Malta/Templars connecting the Roman Catholic church. They run it and are top of masonry.
Masonic Knight steps
[link to www.sinj.com]
KoM Catholic Masons
[link to www.geocities.com]
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