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Message Subject The Real 13 illuminati Bloodlines Exposed, Springmeier was Misinfo, do your part, research the families, write the book Springmeier should have writ
Poster Handle wiltshire boy
Post Content
the 13th sign of the zodiac is Arachne the spider it runs concurrently with taurus and gemini from may18 until june13.
Vedic astrology practised by some still maintains this sign in a 13 sign system, i know because i had my chart done and found that i was born on the cusp of it. the traits lean towards clairvoyance and good strong natural psychic ability.
ihave had flashes of psychic ability and once saw myself in a dream 7 years in the future (i didnt recognise myself until the moment happened, VERY shocked) i was told being born on the cusp means that my ability wont be as strong as someones born in the middle of the sign, but occasionally it will flare sometimes very strongly sometimes not, the difference between scaring the crap out of yourself with a very strong completely un-expected experience.(this has happened a few times) and thinking youll meet a friend in the street out shopping and it happens (not so scary unless it an....EX).
i have also had some good results as a healer.
meditation is something i have always done and recommend it to anyone who wants to see if they have any gift to develop. if it does happen you wont be ready to deal with the emotional jolt a strong experience gives you it is trial by fire, just let the emotion wash over you, disconnect from it pretend its happening to someone else. it is shocking and scary in time though it gets easier to deal with. only connect with energies as they come to you dont try and force it by connecting/channeling with things like the ouija board its no help and it isnt your energy thats at work. my e-mail is available to anyone who would like to seriously discuss this further.
as for the illuminazis 13 families of frog spawn, they know what they are working against and their lies even go as far as their rituals they are not even careful about their ceremonies 6million had to die in the holocaust for the prophecy to be fulfilled and in the make believe pretend land they live in 6million died, but its not TRUE! the revision of the truth has the number at 1.5-2million these people are so full of shit. just because they say 6million died doesn't mean to say its so, its a lie! ceremonies and rituals if not carried out to the letter have a habit of backfiring and the blowback from this could be immense, you know what they say about playing with fire(and brimstone)...
im going to play some more super mario and waste that lizard time and time again my ritual destruction of the EMPIRE...stay away from the dark side kids they smell of piss and biscuits......
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