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Message Subject How Many FREEMASONS Are Black, Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Etc.?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well understand the Freemasons were founded by the Templars.

This is complete and utter speculation. So far, there has not been any archeological, or any other evidence of a link between the two.

Although they did found the KKK that was done for political reasons. They wanted to instill FEAR in the new free blacks to scare them from anything Christians.

Absolute Bull$hit! Freemasonry did NOT found the Klan.

Today many races belong to FM. There are also other Templar founded knighthoods such as the Order of the Garter. The Japanese PM is a member.

Gaddafi was found to have their occult books. There are pics of him in obvious masonic signal poses with other
world leaders.

That's the short list.
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