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Message Subject How Many FREEMASONS Are Black, Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Etc.?
Poster Handle widowsHijo
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Actually because it is a family thing meaning you have to of had a relative in to be in there are not many. However interestingly there are black masons. They started as slaves to the masons and when were granted their freedom they asked the owners if they could join. Because they had always been faithful and had knowledge they were allowed. They are still active members today. Masonry was started with the founding-fathers so this leads to the masive majority being white. If you would like most of the knowledge look for info on solomons temple. This is the concrete of it all. Also what ever is in English is everybody's knowledge. The only info I don't know of which my hubby does is what's not in English.
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Lies!!!!Lies!!!Lies!! !! See Prince Hall !! freemasonry was created in Africa.
by Africans The knowledge was stolen,& bestowed upon other races so that they may survive,& build. prince halls charter is older than most all the grand lodges in The World.see kemet,,,See Crata Repoa!
see churchward.

MWPHGLNY ....................... Your ignorance is cowardice.

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