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e.coli and the illuminati

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06/09/2011 12:42 AM
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e.coli and the illuminati
As i predicted in my blog on dec.31 that the illuminati will begin to take over the worlds water and food supply.first hit spain a troubled financial country ,do what they say on debt reform. then they attack the small organic farms.all leave a bad taste in peoples mouth or not . but the key is contol .inspection control ,smaller corportions bought out .monsanto buys whole foods,AREyou kidding me.an American company got caught trying to buy water rights illegally in CAnada .a call girl turned them in. the light is everywhere in the smallest of acts.FEAR sells look at 911.people will give up freedoms for safety. yes you can use GEfoods ,put new species engenerred for safety. read my blog for someone whos track record in predictions continues to amaze me if no one else. [link to bakara55.blogspot.com]