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Message Subject Parents beware of Cartoon Network, i saw something yesterday...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So yesterday in the afternoon i'm sitting at the hotel. My wife is working out at the fitness room and i'm chillin with me 4 month old son. The TV just happened to be on Cartoon Network, (not that my son is old enough to watch it, and i wouldn't let him even if he was), and i caught something crazy.

I was on my laptop and the TV was just on in the background and i happened to look up and see bugs bunny and daffy duck arguing. It was the new version of looney tunes, not the old ones. Anyway, bugs is trying to tell daffy that daffy didn't win the lottery. Daffy keeps shaking the lottery ticket in the air saying he won. Then i hear daffy say how he did win cause 666 was the winning number and 666 is on his lottery ticket. Then bugs tells daffy that he's holding his ticket upside-down and the real numbers aren't 666, but 999.

I thought that was pretty damn weird. I know CN has alot of sly little shit like that running in their cartoons so be aware as parents.

Another time i saw about 2 minutes of a jimmy neutron episode where his dad is having a talk with jimmy. His dad literally said, "It was like the day i sat on a banana, and i've never been the same since."

I shit you not. The character actually said that word for word. So anyway, be vigilant and let your kids watch nature shows instead of the evil propaganda that the elites try and use to brain wash the kids.

 Quoting: Dundas

Nature shows? You really are a new parent.LOL Congrats on the little one, btw.

I agree you have to be vigilant but kids are going to want to watch cartoons. Watch what they are watching and have conversations with them. Don't try to shield them too much. They know how to get around too much parental control. It is their job.LOL
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1400009

Ummmm, no. I have a 16 year old son and 17 year old daughter. Both are star athletes in high school and were recently commended on their exit-level TAKS tests. They were raised watching nature shows and being outside. I kept them from watching all the regular kids programing and back then everyone else with kids thought i was weird.....now all those same parents can't believe why their kids are fuck-ups and mine are respectful, healthy badasses.

So i'm raising my new son the same way.

If you wanna let your child's head be filled with the propaganda that spews from the kids shows these days then you're a fuckin retard.
 Quoting: Dundas

Both my kids are commended on each TAKS and are in the highest level Band each school offers (symphonic)... they watch CN frequently. We get compliments on how well behaved my children are (especially teachers). I guess I fail to see how Cartoon Network and a child's behavior seem to go hand in hand.

It's quite obvious that your kids don't take after you, given the useless drivel you're spouting.
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