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Message Subject Parents beware of Cartoon Network, i saw something yesterday...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If I have kids, and I hope to one day, I'll disconnect the cable. Hopefully the wife won't be a bitch about it.

The kids can watch the dvds we buy or get from netflix. They can make suggestions on what they want but it will go through me and my wife first.

I'm more worried about then being brainwashed into buying a bunch of stupid shit. Of course, I've seen the programs my nieces watch on "kids" channels and they make out these little assholes kids to be awesome.

Fuck that shit - I don't need my kids emulating some fucking brat on TV who constantly lies to his parents and gets away with it because they are so dumb.

And they sure as fuck won't be using the internet unsupervised until they are in their teens - maybe not even then. They read books and they'll fucking like it. If they don't then they can either go outside and play or use their fucking imagination.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1420483

Ok, while your intentions seem to be good, (except for the bitch reference) will you be as generous with your use of the F-word around your kids as you are in your post here?

Don't get ticked, it's a serious question . . . I've heard parents complaining (rightly so) about all the negative influences and how they want to protect their kids, but their own language is outrageous. And they never once consider how THAT influences their kids. No, I don't think kids should be sheltered from every curse word, but it's definitely about serious, intellectual moderation.

Just an honest observation.
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