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Metaphysics and Spirituality

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06/10/2011 06:10 PM
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Metaphysics and Spirituality
Metaphysics and Spirituality

[link to kamilism.tumblr.com]

Spiritual Health
Humans regularly go to the dentist, get their shots, work out at the gym, and take their vitamins. This is all to maintain physical health. Humans also go dancing, take up hobbies, tie one on now and then, surround themselves with music, and, especially on the West Coast, go for therapy. This is all for mental health. In the spiritual realm there is worship at church, meditation, andÖ not much else. The reason for this is that the spiritual side of man doesnít manifest in the same way physical and mental problems do. Does one ever die of a sick spirit? Is one hospitalized because the spirit is sick? There seems to be no repercussions to neglecting the spirit. Those who attend church regularly fare no better than those who donít, and the benefits of meditation cannot be measured. So, why bother?

Where the spiritual side of man does not demand care and attention, it is the one aspect of a human life that remains after death. What occurs during an incarnation either strengthens or diminishes the spirit, and this sum total forms the basis for the next incarnation. Thatís why one should bother.

As spirits seem dissociated from the body, being able to leave during an Out-of-Body, and can ignore physical barriers, how then does the spirit communicate to the biochemical arrangement that is the mind? What is the point of connection? The spirit does not need to switch densities, so the mind/spirit connection is not vibrational, being on the same wavelength. As the spirit can function without a body the connection is not biochemical. As spirits develop during incarnations in life forms on diverse worlds wholly incompatible with each other the connection does not appear to have a physical requirement.

This puzzle is most easily understood if one considers how sub-atomic particles operate. However diverse the various elements of the physical world seem, they break down into the same component parts. The base building blocks are the same. Spirits are composed of a substance that is physical in the larger scheme, and surpasses in its reach any one density vibration. Just as on the sub-atomic level you consider some elements to communicate electrically, encouraging or inciting an electron flow, and other elements to be inert, just so your spirit considers your mind to be capable of an interchange where the stone walls it passes through are inert. The spirit communicates to the mind by biochemical means, by inciting biochemical activity. It does so by adjusting itself to the density of the incarnated body and to the peculiar biochemistry of the life form. This feat is no more spectacular than tuning an x-ray machine to penetrate the thickness of an object. During each incarnation the spirit quickly familiarizes itself with its new physical body, and gets down to business.

Does the spirit have memory, as the mind does? Most certainly, and remembers the lessons learned during each incarnation flawlessly. Humans are used to their conscious memory being capable of distortion, of remembering incidences as they wish, not as they were. The spirit, however, is like the subconscious and does not distort memories. How is it then that the babe, incarnated by an old and wise spirit, does not remember its past lives? The spirit can only speak to the mind as the mind is ready to receive. If the biochemical pathways for the concept the spirit wishes to relay are not yet in place in the mind, the spirit can only speak to the emotions. Thus entities feel they have lived before, but do not have an explanation for the concept. Thus entities may sense that an incident is similar to another experienced before in a past life, but unless they are willing to entertain the concept of past lives, they will not be open to having these spiritual memories unfold.

One does not need to listen to the endless discussions on nature vs. nurture to understand that both influences shape the person. However, a third influence is in effect, and this stronger than either of the others─the spirit. Genetics of course limits the person physically, determining whether they can enter the Olympics or solve complex math puzzlers, and also determines to a large degree how the body will react to stress or the aging process. The environment, being what shapes the childís perception of the world around him, determines at least early in life what role models the child will choose and how guarded or enthusiastic the child will be. But the spirit is louder than both these other voices, and by its orientation and strength determines how the personís very life will be led, the occupation chosen, the motives driving the person, and where the person draws the line on whether to get involved or not. Because the spirit speaks to the body as well as the mind, its influence is also over the biochemistry of the human body incarnated, and this has more of an effect than is generally recognized. If the child is determined to be an outstanding athlete, for instance, having judged that escape from a ghetto is not possible without such an assist, physical development beyond that supported by genetics can result.

The spirit occupies its own density, a density that can interact with matter on all other densities. Just as the spirit adjusts itself to the incarnation density, and positions itself to communicate with the human brain for the Mind/Spirit connection, likewise it positions itself to influence the human body. Genetics are but chemistry, and influence growth and development through chemistry. Where this cannot be utterly or even significantly changed by the influence of the spirit, where biochemistry can affect the outcome and the spirit can affect the biochemistry, its influence can leave a mark. In the example of the child desiring to become an athlete, the basic bone and muscle structure, height, stamina, and reflexes are determined by genetics. But physical feats are often determined as much by concentration and sheer energy, factors controlled by biochemistry─hormones, such as adrenaline, brain chemicals supporting continuous focus, and free nutrients in the blood stream available to feed the process. In this way the spirit transcends the density differences, and takes charge of the incarnation as much as physically possible.

Doctors have often noticed that a patient will live or die depending on their will to live. Where this can be attributed to a Mind/Body connection, the influence of the spirit in these matters lies at the base. The soul infuses the body during an incarnation, and communicates on many levels and can bridge densities in this matter. The spirit influences the body, to overcome disease and struggle forward. It influences the brain, to utilize this or that portion of the brain or to develop channels and connections in the brain matter. The will to live has been well documented, overcoming disease that physicians were sure would end the life. Much of this is the soul, determined not to end the incarnation. Likewise, the soul can influence a dying body to go before its time, if the incarnation is desired to end. Those curious about how the soul influences the body should simply observe the many clues about them, as this is a tool for learning.

Scientists are lately busy mapping the places in the human brain that are active during thought. When an entity with a physical brain stares at an object the visual areas of the brain are more active than usual, and when another is in telepathic communication with the staring entity, both have the same areas of their brains active. But by what means do we think, arrive at conclusions, or have, for instance, a brilliant insight? One can map with simple animals, trained in a maze, the learning curve whereby they learn that to follow the smooth wall, for instance, they arrive at food. The first time this occurs it is by accident, so the rat makes an association. Smooth walls = food. The next time the rat is put into a maze, if hungry, the rat will give more weight to exploring smooth walled paths over rough textured routes.

The mental association in the ratís brain is a chemical sequence in the existing brain cells in certain areas of the brain. Hunger in the rat is now connected to those sections of the brain which hold visual and tactile imprints. These imprints, as well as the pathways, are chemical. These imprints, or stored data, and pathways wax strong or weak, depending on how often they are used. More use, strengthened chemistry. Less use, debilitated chemistry. If the rat does not continue to find food via smooth walls, it will explore these paths less and less often, until smooth walls have no more significance for the rat than any other type of wall. These chemical pathways are not identical. They have characteristics that relate to the area of the brain they point to, and in simple worms are somewhat transferable.

Worms, taught to head to the right or left for food or to avoid injury, can have their brains fed to other worms, who then seem to have ingested knowledge. The brain chemicals, not broken down during digestion, migrate in the blood stream to the brain, and being of similar chemical composition in similar worms, attach to the brain pathways of the new host. The chemistry for right or left is specific in these worms, being on one side of the brain or another with some slight differences, and where these differences weigh only slightly they weigh enough to set the ingesting worm to favor connecting to one side of the brain or another. A transferred learned response, proving that the brain works by chemistry, chemical paths and chemical images.

Emotions are chemistry, generated from within. Sensations, the power of the brain to retain ideas, is also intrinsically allied with chemical reactions. In fact, it forms the base. What else would there be? Hormones stimulate feelings, and homones are created by nervous stimulation of the glands. It is all intertwined. Senses receive light rays or heat, or other such stimuli that create chemical reactions that travel along nerves and are then stored in the brain by chemical changes. These chemical changes are so slow to deteriorate that you die before many of them do, which is why we have a memory. This is a chemical store, similar to a computer databank, in which chemical changes are virtually permanently etched in the brain.

Complex thought can be broken down into thousands of steps, where sensory memories are related. Even the abstract concept of numbers is related to sensory memories. The child piling blocks is noting that four blocks pile higher than three, and the concept of greater than is related to these counts. Does the one pile not loom higher? When adding just one block onto the short pile, they are equal. An incipient algebraic equation is building in the babeís mind. Great thoughts are built from many small mental data stores, and many more connections. Great insights are simply where two or more formerly unrelated connections bridge, to become related.

It is known that people think best while pacing, and that palsied children not able to crawl or walk lack some ability to learn concepts. Bridging occurs when the chemicals needed to build a new pathway are in abundance in a certain part of the brain. It is accidental in that the connection is only by proximity, but no accident in that the brain areas rich with these chemicals are so active because they relate to the issue at hand. Thus the brain is just making an introduction. Here, you two places are both active, speak to each other. Thus, the child finding himself staring at a wall he wishes to climb over, and seeing some boxes near at hand, recalls his pile of blocks. An aíha occurs, as his memory of blocks connects to this sight of the boxes, which have a similar shape. Presto. Thought.


[link to zetatalk.tumblr.com]

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06/10/2011 06:13 PM
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Re: Metaphysics and Spirituality
Interesting stuff!
Anonymous Coward
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06/10/2011 08:52 PM
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Re: Metaphysics and Spirituality
Love it