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Message Subject Carbon Tax - Julia Gillard
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What a load of rubbish.

I'm not a huge Gillard fan at the moment... however, she did not lie about the carbon tax. At the time is wasn't their policy, and so she said it wasn't. But after the hung election the whole situation changed (remember the 17 days without a government?)and a compromise was needed to form the minority government. Get it? She didn't lie, becuase at the time it was the truth and then things changed.

Australia is a fetid backwater of the world and Australians are a bunch of whingeing idiots. The same people who complain about the carbon tax are the ones complaining that the Government never does anything. Australians overwhelmingly wanted action on climate change - Howard campaigned on it, Turnbull campaigned on it, Rudd and Gillard have too. If a carbon tax is wrong, it won't matter cause we can always get rid of it - but we need to give it a go just in case.

I moved to Canberra so I could try and make a difference from the inside - by pushing for change where I can. If not me, then it would be some other schmuck, I thought.
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