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Message Subject music bridges the divide
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content

I have to go..but..will check out as soon as I am back..fascinating subject..a whole new rabbit hole for me cheer
 Quoting: wildhoney

Bare with me if its a silly question..I havent a clue as yet..but how can I tell if any music is 432 or 440'..Gosh I hope its not too silly a questionblush

Id like to learn more about this
 Quoting: wildhoney


watch all three (1 to 3) he tells you how 1rof1
 Quoting: aether

heyblush thats not nice lol..I did say probably it was a silly question ....go on tell me how easy it is..gulp..lol

Ill be back later :)
 Quoting: wildhoney 1219238

i adore music but no nothing of it`s texture other than the emotion it can express so i needed to listen to him to find out and he says a very cheap easy to purchase hand held gadget indicates the hz

 Quoting: aether

It would be interesting to see what the effect the music has before checking if its 440 or 432 tocompare results

you say mainstream music is mostly 440?
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