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Message Subject music bridges the divide
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
It would be interesting to see what the effect the music has before checking if its 440 or 432 tocompare results

you say mainstream music is mostly 440?
 Quoting: wildhoney

i don`t know, feels like it is

in my experience i only am aware of what i desire to be aware of and 432 comes into my awareness from my translating the non material structure of our material universe utilizing information (word sequences) that are known/makes sense so it`s application to music is something i found only recently

not really on this topic but this week i am experiencing the sensation of mellow, so mellow that using my senses to discover, as in utilizing non local conscious/morphic fields, greatly reduced because i am to mellow to desire enough to do so rockon

it could also be connected to my listening this week to predominantly 432 hz

whatever it is it`s nice

very nice

contentment rockon

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