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Message Subject music bridges the divide
Poster Handle anon
Post Content
hey, wild hon, . .
beethoven thought that music could
change the world, then set about
proving it.

i wish the whole world will soon tune
in to the cosmic symphony, . .
then some changes will really happen.
 Quoting: anon 1391487

he was amazing..to think he was deaf..just incredible...

frequency..i used to think in terms of vibration frequency as with images etc.. what if its sound??? can you think of the implications and far reaching effects..

what did it say of the 144.ooo didnt it mention some sort of song?

what if its the sound that affects our DNA??

wow..my mind is racing with the possibilities..a whole new rabbit hole and only God knows where it will leadcheer
 Quoting: wildhoney

an interesting aspect of the structure of harmony in
two dimensional form suggests that it is uncannily
similar to a double helical form.
i've long wanted to transfer it to three dimensions
just to see what it looks like, . .it's possible
but i've just not had time nor money to explore this
further. . .my curiosity runs wild with it, too.
everything is vibration, light is just music.
mexico taxes my sensibilities with the chaos of
color. the U.S. bores my with its planned communities
and codes with everything blurring into a dull beige.
i still prefer the natural colors of this paradise,
fields of flowers, clouds, sky ever changing, hues
and shades, shadow and light, . .it's all sheer delight.
lots o' luv 2 ya
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