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Message Subject music bridges the divide
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content

That looks beautiful Exiled, thank you ..it must be great to swim there
You trying to tempt me to come ovhfer huh
 Quoting: wildhoney

caught merose

just switched my pandora station over to paulo...young man is wise(and talented) way beyond his years...a cool accent doesn't hurt..eitherrose

 Quoting: exiled1

nice town in the background there Exiled..
Italy..I would almost guess Tuscany..just a hunch meyebatind you
 Quoting: wildhoney

which background? Tuscany does sound nice though...

speaking of which, not exactly but, I suck at topic change...lol

Do you know of anyone that has been granted dual citizenship on ancestory? I was reading an article some time ago about gaining European(for me, either Scottish, or UK) citizenship through grandfathers birthrites, or whatever..its late here , ya know...anyway, my grandfather wasn't born on this side of the pond. Came over on the Lusitania, back in the day..the article stated many countries over there will grant citizenship if your grandfather was born there. I have inquired a couple times, but , as yet, haven't received any acknowledgement...seems their consulates are as productive as ours...1dunno1

be a good safeguard, in any event.

any way, you have an open invitation to come over and swim any time...we don't wear swimming suits at night though...apparently some new American law...or something...mine is not to questionpeace
 Quoting: exiled1

No swim suits at night huh..New American Law huh..lol

Yes most European Countries grant citizenship, some dual, if you can trace your geneology..bit of paper work involved but the benefits outrule the bother in my opinion.

Also via Legal Residence etc..

Not a bad idea Exiled in view of the current situation which I think will get a lot worse before it gets better..but just my opinion..definitely better than South or Central America in my view..due to social unrest..poverty and natural disasters that I think may happen there..

was speaking to this Bank Director friend of mine and he said the same thing, he said Europe is having a tough time but will come out even stronger with a great future he said and will be the new world power ..in his opinion anyway..he said he thought US is Toast as is toast also Central and South America in his view anyway..after the US......he also said he thought China too allegedly was going to face financial collapse....pinned thread about it yesterday I thought wow
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