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Message Subject music bridges the divide
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I hear much, but doubt most is what intended as original, so disregard...if that makes any sense...lol

any who...missed your post on the turtles. What species are they? I have kept turtles myself in past, but mainly whatever I captured in the lakes and canals, as a child. My mother was cool like that. We had all types of 'pets' in my youth..
unfortunately, my childrens mother wasn't quite into all that...I should have stood up more in some respects, it was quite a learning experience for me, when I was young. We still managed to sneak some things past...for a bit..
I was to purchase a couple Russian tortoises a while back, but othersdamned disagreed with decision1dunno1 so had to decline...yeah im rambling again...peace

does remind me I have yet to set up the fish tank again, been empty for like 3 -4 years now...I love watching the fish...can do it for hours...selfish...maybe..

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