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Message Subject music bridges the divide
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi wildhoneyhf

Last night while at work I went to this restaurant to pick up a bunch of food for some guys. Most don't have time to go out, so I usually will go pick up food for several people...I pretty much have nothing but free time...makes for some long nights though...

Any way, most evenings this place closes too early, so it is usually not an option. It was Friday and they stay open until 11pm, the earliest possible time I can pick up 'lunch' for the guys without it getting cold before they have a chance to eat...

It isn't in the nicest of areas, guessing by the surroundings it is in Dearborn(many mosques, and what-not), although this was an Italian restaurant, and a bit pricey...

As you enter, they have a wall of photographs, most of which look like snapshots from the Godfather films...lol

I noticed all the recent U.S. Presidents have been here, and seem to be quite friendly with the owner, of which I have no idea who that is, suppose I could Google it...

Most others I didn't recognize, although I am certain Jimmy Hoffa was amongst them.hiding

But, I did recognize this man, they had an entire collage of him. He even has a dish named after himself here, of which, he actually prepared personally. They have several pictures of him in the kitchen preparing the food, hanging out with the staff and patrons...must be a pretty cool guy..

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