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Message Subject Eternal Life --> NOW <-- Scrolling B4 Your Eyes !!! ----> click here <----
Poster Handle HardTruth
Post Content

That's all well and good, but can we please leave the delusions of divinity at home?


If it expects or demands worship, it is not divine!!
 Quoting: HardTruth

You'll need to be more specific, you see what you call divinity is just your observation of a personal relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They exorsized me and adopted me last Pentecost 2010. With out the relationship you so deny can possible exist, you call it misplaced or delusional Divinity. So sorry for you, my friend. You deny what is FREE and FREEING, yet you imprison yourself here trying to convince us that are free that we are imprisoned! Just holding a mirror to you. Got to go, Cheers,


I know who I am.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1371470

More specific, I see, so let me ask, have you ever had a face to face conversation with any of the divine that have claimed to be your god or the Jesus?

I would bet the answer is no, yet you have self appointed yourself as a mouth piece for the divine based upon a book, without any divine nods, or permission from such!!

38,000 different christian sects in the U.S. alone, all claiming guidance from the holy spirit is confirmation of the fact, that you're all delusional!!

But you, lol, yep you and you alone have it right however!!

Do you guys all have a list like some Santa Claus with peoples names that need to be saved?

I promise you grasshopper, not a soul here today needs any kind of saving by you thumpers, but yet, here you all are pushing your B.S.!!


If it expects or demands worship, it is not divine!!
 Quoting: HardTruth

Name what I wrote or typed in front of the WORLD what I have said that is not written?

Let it fly, we are all Quickened by the Holy Spirit, in any warfare spy's and counter spy's exist. You think this spiritual warfare is any different.

Come on take all your shots, show me in front of the World what "This mouth piece said" that is not written and allowed to be said.


BTW - Having Reverence for something greater than me that puts the food on my table and the jingy in my pocket is not a demand....it is my affection for God, the Divine.....whom you are scared to death of........I have ears! hfhfhf

38,000, you are really just plain not very........practical, the whole idea is as our day to day life "let's just get on with it".

Lastly, What is written in scripture is written, just read it for yourself, then you can not claim 38,000 blah blah blah.....E-SWORD.NET, I guide folks to the 4 Gospels of Jesus Christ...he takes care of the rest, that is God's Truth handed to us. What part is a problem....?

FYI.....all power plants have an end of life, even this circus called the Universe. That is in scripture, find it.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1371470

2funnies 2funnies

Come back and talk to us when you can walk on water!!

And FYI, there is nothing in the divine realms that scare me one iota!!


If it expects or demands worship, it is not divine!!
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