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Message Subject Eternal Life --> NOW <-- Scrolling B4 Your Eyes !!! ----> click here <----
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
People say there is much deception and corruption within Christianity today.

I say, Without DOUBT. And it was foretold in scripture also.

And of course, who trys to conterfiet a 3 dollar bill?

NO ONE. Why?

Who would buy it?

But a good forgery is flattery to the truth.

No one will look twice at a 3 dollar bill. But print up twenties, change the lettering just a bit, and lots of people will trade those bills before they are found to be useless.

So what do we see today. People are waking up to realize they have been trading counterfiet twenties. They have twenties in their pocket, but it is not buying them peace or hope or comfort in am increasingly unstable world. Fear and doubt and uncertainty rule the day.

God will turn everything in this world upside down and test a mans faith.

He will refine a man and all those counterfiet twenties will be burned in the fire.

Leaving a man without forgeries. Then God will fill that mans pockets with real riches and treasures which will not be burned up.

Praise God.
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