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Is this a government troll?

User ID: 1425843
United Kingdom
06/12/2011 09:06 PM
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Is this a government troll?
So, I was looking around Facefuck at the fan pages and groups and found this [link to www.facebook.com]

it's A letter for people who wants to know the truth about the war in Israel but to me it sounds a little strange like it's trying to say it was worse than it is now before NATO stepped in but then I've seen interviews with Israelis who say they want NATO out of Isreal?!?!

Here is an exert from the letter:

" I don't like wars, and what is going on in my country right now is awful and makes me sick to my stomach. But I don't think this war is for nothing.
In the last 8 years, the south part of Israel has been under constant attacks by the Hamas. People in Israel have been living in fear and anxiety, having to go down to their shelters on a daily basis, sometimes for months. Hamas is not playing games. Innocent Israeli people were killed. Children too. People are still getting killed.
Over 200 missiles are fired every single day over civilian targets. Can you imagine living like that for 8 years? What would you do, if you were in our place? How would you act? Think about all the mothers who have to worries 24 hours a day, because, who knows, maybe a missile will strike down in her son's school? And what about the children who can't sleep at nights because they keep having nightmares? The elderly who can't get to the shelter on time and just pray for god that he won't get hurt? All of them are innocent people like you and like me, who are living in hell for the last 8 years. This is wrong. What country will let her citizens live like that? "

To me this sounds a little weird like they are trying to convince you that this war is needed. Also There is no Admin and the only person to make much posts is a little suspicious to, Her pictures are magazine quality and one of her pictures is of hitler and a hilter child wtf