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MKULTRA and the UFO Phenomenon

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United States
06/13/2011 04:52 PM
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MKULTRA and the UFO Phenomenon
[link to www.associatedcontent.com]

I have put a lot of thought into the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon over the years. I would bet that I've been preoccupied with the subject for over 15 years now. As might be considered common with UFO fanciers, I
also have a running knowledge of conspiracies theories (both man-made and cosmic in nature.) As the years have gone by I've read up on the many accounts and theories as to what UFOs are, however the field of research seems to defy description. This may be because the phenomenon exists mainly within the elusive recesses of the human mind, beyond the reach of modern science. Another hypothesis is that the alien forces that interfere with us are so much more advanced than us, that deceiving us and our governments as to their true nature are a matter of child's play for them.

When trying to find an answer which will encompass all the known facts, sometimes one must look beyond the limits of scientific or societal norms as we know them. Carl Jung theorized of the existence of the archetype, which is a sort of universal symbolic entity which can influence man. Whether these archetypes exist exclusively within the mind of the perceiver, or have a psychic form of their own has been the subject of social researchers ever since

5 page article at link....enjoy