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Message Subject Ex-NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal is Now an Initiated Freemason (photo proof)
Poster Handle ApocalypseWars.com
Post Content
Because some of the greatest men who ever lived were Masons and to have Shaq represent the brotherhood will only attract more humans who can think for themselves into Masonry or a similar fraternity.

 Quoting: ApocalypseWars.com

There are no great freemasons only illuminatzi scum and the multitudes of dupes.

And dont come back with Bugs Bunny's Mel Blanc. Look, Mel Blanc got the children hooked on the TV where they were brainwashed. As funny as Bugs was it is a tool of the machine!

Bill Clinton was DeMolay FM youth, educated by Jesuits at Georgetown then served the Washington DC Masonic NWO conspiray. He burned women and children at Waco, destroyed at least two countries (Yugoslavia and South Africa) and passed NAFTA that has deindustrialized the United States. He was a traitorous war criminal. He is one of the better ones most mistakenly like.
 Quoting: doomer 1422826

Well, I consider George Washington an admirable man and NOT scum. He is the founding FATHER of this country and the very country that provides you the freedoms to say such treasonous statements. Hence, you bite and condemn the very hand that allows you to act in such a ignorant and profane manner. Your selfish and greedy balla mind cannot fathom the the blood that has been spilled by millions of humans just so you can have the freedom to come spit on their great work and their divine souls. And we know YOU think you foolishly know these non-facts and heresy based on other ignorant humans and watching silly youtube conspiracy lunatic videos.

I also do not consider Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Sir Winston Churchill, Henry Dunant and the men in the video below to be scum.

You need to understand that isn't a fraternity or subject that you can NO NOTHING about, but freely speak in such an ignorant way that there will be no karmic consequences. NO, I am not saying that masons will come kill you or place you in Abu Grubu and torture you.

NO, it is the bad energy that you are placing into the universe that will come back to 10 or a 100 fold.

You betta watch what you say Mr. Non-Balla. Whether that be about your neighbor, your friends or the brotherhood. If you keep speaking such blasphemous things about such kindred spirits you are going to unleash the wrath of your own bad karma in every facet of your life.

You just need to understand that EVERY action, whether good or bad as consequence. It is the law and a guaranteed fact (probably the most facts you have seen in your life are in this thread, yet your "eye" is sewn shut) common as the rising morning star.
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