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Message Subject Ex-NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal is Now an Initiated Freemason (photo proof)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
just because the founding fathers were masons,
doesn't mean jack skittle for an argument, this country was
dedicated to Satan by our founding fathers,
that is the sick a$$ truth, that is why the
pentagon is a pentagram and why the white house
and capital hill face the great obelisk, washington,
monument. The secret relision is SUN ra worship
and then the owl thingey at Bohemian Grove.
 Quoting: impetigo 1218447

sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell no one this secret, it might get out.

Oh Lord, may God help you and your kind.

What makes me just roll on the floor laughing is that this is coming from a dude and multiple humans who do the same, but don't even know it.

May I ask you what Sunday is, Saturday, Thorsday, Winta, Easter, Christmas, and this list can go on and on. May I ask what all that means?

Just FYI, if you live on any of these days, work on them or not and celebrate on any one of them, then I welcome you.
 Quoting: ApocalypseWars.com

look bro, i don't know who you are or what you think you know, but the people who run the world, and have run it ad infinitum, are worshippers of the demiurge, aka SATAN, aka, YAHWEH, aka DARKNESS.

it's plainly obvious. have you never heard of molech? read the bible? all constructions of the universe were created by the demiurge, he superimposed his creation over the true creation using right angles and cubes.

if you wanna get deep, let's get deep. but the upper levels of freemasonry are pure satanic worship.

the cicumpunct is the connection to the true light realm that the demiurge siphons his power from.
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