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Message Subject INSECT MIGRATION MAP: Where are Insects disappearing to? First epic combo breaker in the food chain/sign of the 4th world?
Poster Handle Snurbs
Post Content
I had this saved somewhere in the fabric of the multi-verse.

Post your stories of disappearing insects here, have you seen a lot of missing fireflies?

Some Native American tribes say that when the insects start to vanish we enter into the 4th world/the 4th world appears. What does that mean, can anyone elaborate?

-The question is not "Where are the insects?" but rather "Are they disappearing?" In New England where I have lived for 50 years, the answer is yes. Car windshields and grills are clean most of the summer. We used to have to vacuum moths and other insects from between the screens of our house windows.

Not now. Porch lights used to be surrounded by many varieties of interesting moths and we would love to look at the window screens and door screens to see these beautiful creatures. The hundreds of butterflies that used to fly like winged flowers in the meadows during my childhood are gone. Bird species are fast diminishing as well.

Last year I spoke to a young man who had driven coast to coast without having serious bug juice on his windshield. I have walked around parking lots inspecting cars (do this yourself) throughout the northeast and I see the same thing: Clean windshields, clean grills. This is very troubling.

Here in Dallas, TX my fruit trees and flowering shrubs are blooming, but there are no pollinators yet. There are no insects at all, that I have seen outside for several days, that I can remember. I am not sure if there is some poisoning here in Frisco, north of Dallas, or if there has just been a die back from the last warm spell hatching of insects, and the pollinators haven't come out yet for the spring.-

 Quoting: Nosaj

I fucking wish.

Living in a pretty wooded/secluded around the middle Tennessee area, I would give warnings to people that want to spend an evening walking through the Hills or any wooded area honestly.. Just the other day I stepped in a tick nest and had an uncountable number of baby ticks on my god damn shoe. I had to ditch them and walk back to my house in my socks. I can't leave porch lights on either.

The toads around here on average are bigger in size as well.

After the free for all Cicada buffet that just ended, the natural annoyances of the wilderness have increased 10fold. Easily.
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