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Message Subject INSECT MIGRATION MAP: Where are Insects disappearing to? First epic combo breaker in the food chain/sign of the 4th world?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes it has been quiet disappointing for the past 3 years actually longer....the summer nights were so wonderful at the moment of "the flight of the lightning bugs" when they started rising forth from the grasses in the fields....beautiful...

I see hardly none now and what I have noticed is they are very few and they were coming forth earlier than they should in minuet quantity then gone...no more..I miss them.

There is still no real normal amount of bees either the honey bee was like as many as I could count on my fingers this year. They were very very small not normal and flew so slow and crawled more than they flew they were here one day then gone then next I only saw them about 3-5 days then I saw them no more. One small little fuzzy honey bee came flying in slow-mo through my dinning room door straight up to me where I was standing and stood humming its little wings in front of me ..my son who was speaking with me went to swat it and I stopped him and told him I would take it out side.

So I walked into it and caught it on my chest and took it out on my blouse literally walked it back out side with it hanging off my boobs. I though I would cry it could not even fly off it just crawled around on the bush I put it on.. It acted like it had no idea where to go or what it was supposed to do even as though it was dieing.

I have seen yellow hornets like small news bees not as big as the news bee smaller but larger than the hornet should be they have gotten in the house but they are not aggressive they fly straight to a water source and drown in it...I can pick them up on a paper and take them outside and have to scape them off onto something and they just lumix around...We have never even had these funny looking hornets before.

Last year there was katydids here way to early not many then they were gone ...praying mantis same they are fewer.

The bumble bees are fewer they use to war with the hummingbirds for the hedges when they were in bloom the bees would try to kill the birds for them they would war aggressively over the Rose of Sharon's we have about 200 feet of them in a row but now neither bird nor bee competes for the blooms..

It is depressing.
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