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Message Subject INSECT MIGRATION MAP: Where are Insects disappearing to? First epic combo breaker in the food chain/sign of the 4th world?
Poster Handle Whiskey Brother
Post Content
You can thank Monsanto and their Genetically Engineered Organisms like corn, soy, alfalfa, and soon rice, grains, and all your salad ingredients and thanks to the USDA, no labeling in the USA is required. The GMO,l toxin laden pollen is killing the bees and many of the human food crops require bee pollination.

We are attacking mother earth and humanity from so many angles now expect to see a declining birth rate in the human population soon.

The elite will breath a sigh of relief.
 Quoting: Jenn++ 1431960

Damn those bastards who increased food production with their evil shit!!!

If we went back to the good ol days before they came with their evil technology only around 2 billion people would starve to death.

Those evil elite cocksuckers with their plans to kill people should have just.....not.....used their technology in the first place......and....

Wait, are you in favor of NOT using crops engineered to produced more food per acre?

Why in the fuck would you want 2 billion people to starve?
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