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Message Subject INSECT MIGRATION MAP: Where are Insects disappearing to? First epic combo breaker in the food chain/sign of the 4th world?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have been talking about this to my wife this week, she thought i was nuts... we live in greenville south carolina, the bug capital of the world and there no bugs outside and i mean none,,, I spent two hours the other night looking for one bug and i couldnt find one, not even an ant.. what the hell is going on. at night I have a huge light on my porch which is normally coverd with millions of bugs at night. just last year their millions of them.. this year there is not even one bug, not a moth not a fly.. what the hell is going on. no spiders either..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1332279

AC 279-

Interesting, show her this and maybe she won't think you are as nuts. I want to actually make a map/graphical representation of this thread and post it here at the top/update it when necessary. Maybe it is nothing, but as you reported it is either one extreme or the other. I want to see if the map pattern shows any kind of movement with the insects, or if it can be linked to chemical sprays/environmental issues. I have an Aunt that live in NC, she is pretty attune to the environment as well. I will have to ask her what is going on there and add it for reference.

As crazy as this sounds, have you noticed less birds too? Considering insects make up a bulk of a birds diet, I have also seen less birds here as well. Not good.
 Quoting: Nosaj

normally we are Inundated with birds about a week ago they all disappeared, Dont know if they just left their nests or what but they two are all gone... normally here all year.. specifically the mocking bird... normally the nest by the hundreds right outside my bedroom window.. all are now gone??? anybody can tell me what the hell is going on!!!
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