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Does anyone care to share their experiance about this secret society? shhhh it's a secret?

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United States
06/19/2011 11:24 AM
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Does anyone care to share their experiance about this secret society? shhhh it's a secret?
Does anyone care to share their experiance about this secret society? shhhh it's a secret?
In Sacramento Ca there is a large underworld secret society of luciferians and Satanists / the New World Order 666. Although many of them worship what they call the "Gods" of the NWO, these are no Gods at all but demonic entities.
This Satanic mafia has and is using drug dealing cartels / biker gangs as their "police" to enforce their secret satanic rule with subversive acts of terrorism & witchcraft.
They also have set up members in the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of government to control and manipulate society.
This underworld government is also big time into witchcraft, which I believe to be the powers of demonic entities manifested through witchcraft.
They have distributed occult paraphernalia into society in the form of games and or practices. These occult items when used by unknowing individuals are placing people into spiritual bondage. Bringing said occult items in your homes can open the door allowing witchcraft / demonology to be manifested against said residence. Although many people / victims aren't finding out right away that these practices cause spiritual bondage they will in time. Spiritual bondage is allowing witchcraft to be manifested against people without them even being aware. Although, the spiritual manifestation of powers can be detected, when victims find out, and N.W.O. slaves know they do, you are in for some big “trouble". They don’t like when people start talking openly about how they are forcing and seducing people to accept the worship of their Lord Lucifer or one of their many demonic entities.
After people have fallen into spiritual bondage they are being forced to go through secret ceremony's / initiations performed through altered states of consciousness / transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft. I've heard it called going down the rabbit hole. They actually can torture people with witchcraft after they have fallen into spiritual bondage forcing them through said secret ceremonies. They can even make witchcraft fun for those who sell their soul to evil.
In said ceremony the victims are forced to accept the worship of one of the NWO's many "Gods". They say through methods of telepathy that in accepting one of their demons you accept them all, one is the Devil, another they called Jesus, but they seem to have a demon for every occasion. Is this how the NWO is going to bring all religions of the world together under one banner of sick, sick, sick, enslaving society?
This malignant cancer spreading throughout society has even manifested itself in the Christian churches under a banner of Christianity. Where in the world does the Bible allow witchcraft? It's an abomination in the eyes of God. Bayside church in Sacramento ca was even advertising magic Art on the pulpit which is the precursor to transcendental meditation / Altered states of consciousness spiritual bondage 101.
I believe the Illuminati have been infiltrating the Christian church for a long time. I think they are producing pastors in the seminaries which are Luciferian puppets. Do many Christians believe they are a New Age Christen Witch? What a joke that would be!
Witchcraft and the Illuminati mason and associated satanic cults have distributed their insignia across the land. If you look you can find it. Beware of the New World Order 666 and spiritual captivity Revelation 13, 10!
Whiskey Brother
User ID: 1381992
United States
06/19/2011 11:53 AM
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Re: Does anyone care to share their experiance about this secret society? shhhh it's a secret?
In America, people are Free to practice whatever kooky religeon they want too.

Is it hurting you, or do you have concrete evidence of criminal, felony behavior?

Or maybe did you just make all this shit up, because you feel your magic beads and magic water can't protect you against EEEEvil....???!?

By the way, the original language yer bible was written in says "Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner of wells to live."

In the translation process, they used the word "witch" instead, because some women knew exactly what to do to deliver a baby or heal minor wounds and sickness, and the ignorant men with their bible decided that for the "good" of everyone, these women should be tortured and executed in evil and barbaric ways.

During the 20th century, people finally realized that, hey, that's really evil, sick, and twisted!! Fuck those guys!

And decided to get naked in the woods and dance around and play tarot cards instead, which became what is known as "Wicca".

Others, having had the ever-loving light of Jesus hammered into their soft little heads from the age of about 4 months, still think ceremonies mimicking "Eating flesh, and drinking blood", and forking over their hard earned money to assholes with black robes is "good".

Even your own book says that most people will be decieved by false prophets, why dont you read that book you clench and unclench with your sweaty little hands yourself. Oh, wait, you say you have tried, but since it is basically a bunch of boring ass shit that makes little to no sense to someone born within the last 90 years, you just make shit up that sounds good to you, but ignore the stuff that you find disagreeable?

Go clench yer magic beads in front of that dead guy nailed horribly to a stick some more, and try reflecting on what is really important and what is not for a change, that is what God TRULY wants from you!