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Message Subject Is the Kundalini raising the same as being filled with the Holy Ghost?
Poster Handle Baruch HaShem
Post Content
No your one of them that sees it. But dont write Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha because it is not you that gave you the wisdom nor you that made yourself seek.
 Quoting: Hightower

and secondly were is that old english accet comming from? Thought your from US... I dont rember yeshua to speak with old english accent...However what you said about the synagoge of satan i have postet in another thread few days ago and know it for quiet some while now.
Glory to who the glory belongs Praise Adonai for leeding into understnading.
 Quoting: Hightower

We will be friends. I know you don't know me. We are in agreement about much. As for my style I guess I read the king james translation too much. What ca n I say. If I can get over your spelling maybe you can get over my style.
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