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Message Subject Is the Kundalini raising the same as being filled with the Holy Ghost?
Poster Handle Baruch HaShem
Post Content
The end draws nigh! I am the Joshua witness and I am here to proclaim that the Jesus Christ of Mammon is the God of America!

These Christians have become " the abomination that maketh desolate" for they are supposed to be the temple of God but they have made an alter to Satan and a covenant has been made to the adversary of God and worshiping the devil as Christ they are deceived. The Christian Church and every denomination of it has become the Synagogue of Satan!
 Quoting: Baruch HaShem

what you forgot to mention is the name of the particular tribe that controls the mammon
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1434740

Why does the bible say,"love not the world and the things thereof for love of the world and it things is hatred toward God?" We know who loves this world and who lay up earthly treasure and who destroys the earth for filthy lucre. We are not condemned by our tribe but by our own works. It is not the works of your father that will save or condemn you but your own works God will judge.
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