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Message Subject Is the Kundalini raising the same as being filled with the Holy Ghost?
Poster Handle Sword0fGideon
Post Content
The end draws nigh! I am the Joshua witness and I am here to proclaim that the Jesus Christ of Mammon is the God of America! If your light be darkness how dark is your darkness? If the light of nations have grown dark can not judgement be far away? For you can not serve two masters. The Christian Church is apostate and the Church of Laodecia is now spread through out the whole world through their false Gospel. These Christians have become " the abomination that maketh desolate" for they are supposed to be the temple of God but they have made an alter to Satan and a covenant has been made to the adversary of God and worshiping the devil as Christ they are deceived. The Christian Church and every denomination of it has become the Synagogue of Satan! This has been prophesied! Behold the great falling away that Paul predicted before the great and terrible day of the Lord. This great falling away has happened in plain sight! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Is not Satan a master deceiver? Wake up you blind fools! You so called Christian have become merely fans of Jesus and say "Lord! Lord!" for entertainment but you do not hear him or follow him. You know not the straight and narrow way nor do you understand the mystery of the Gospel of Christ. Your ministers are also blind guides. The proof is that they don't even know Jesus' name. How can you walk in the name of Jesus and don't know Jesus' name? This is a puzzle for the wise.

What is the name of Jesus and how can it be spoken?

If you come to me in humility I will teach you all for I have come for such a purpose so that some on GLP may be saved..

Baruch HaShem
 Quoting: Baruch HaShem

Thus Says the Lord to the Churches of Men and to All Their Self-Appointed Apostles, Prophets and Teachers

7/16/09 From God the Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, you have asked, and so I shall surely answer you, even according to these perverse doctrines that do continually come up before Me amongst all these churches of men, whose doctrines I hate, taking the things of God in hand, to be put forth before the multitude as their own...

Oh the vanity and pride of men, who continually seek after their own glory,
Led about by the evil one, as one with a hook in his mouth, saying within themselves,
‘Look at all I have done. See how I have come to speak for the Most High.
See how I have become like Him.’

You prophets shall be brought down to death, and your destruction shall come swiftly upon your own head, when the Lord comes in His judgment to strip you naked and bury you under the weight of your fallen riches. I shall strike you down, and you shall collapse in a heap... Even as that, which you have built with MY money, collapses upon you.
Shall a prophet seek after My voice to gain it, through the knowledge of men?! Can the gifts of My own Spirit be attained by human power?!...

You have prophesied lies!... LIES! ...

In My own name...

Having taken and stolen My glory, a parading around as though you were sent by God...


And I, even I, have beheld your form... Your image, your fine clothes, all your luxuriously-crafted apparel and ornaments, of which you surround yourself... Even all your delusions of grandeur leading My people by false divinations, brought forth from the perverse heart of man, built up by those in the churches. You trust in deceptive words to no avail. Your portraits shall be broken and gather rust. Your church buildings shall be thrown down and swept away. Even your clothes shall be taken. And you shall all be left naked and desolate in the day of the Lord’s wrath.

Hear Me now, all peoples who call of themselves by My own name, the name of My Son: NO prophet, sent of the Lord, shall by any means accept money for My Word... For those who do such a thing, even of you pastors and teachers, it shall be required of you in the Day.

Shall you take profit by the power of My Word?...

Yes, there is profit in it, according to the wealth of grace and salvation, which abounds in love,
Granting an abundance of eternal wealth and life, in My presence... My joy.

Therefore those, truly sent and appointed by Me, shall be provided for. And these wait upon the Lord, and also go wheresoever I send them, taking nothing with them... For the Lord Himself, even the Son, is their Shepherd.

Hear also, My people, who are not My people:

You are your own...
Having recreated Me and My Son in your own image,
Even in the image of the world...


No prophet of God shall forsake My Law or My Commandments. They keep them, even to uphold them, in word and in deed, accounting them a joy, even pure obedience in love... My image, the Son, shown in them and through them, for He is the perfect reflection of the Father.

Let it be stated, even set forth this day in the hearing of the people, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, for it shall be done and come to pass as I have spoken it, even as I proclaim it now: No man in authority, whether a self-appointed apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, preacher, minister or priest, as they are called amongst themselves, who also forsake My Law in the name of My Son to make Him the author of sin, whereby they dwell gladly in lawlessness, shall escape the Day of the Lord. For the saints of the Most High are those who keep My Commandments, and remember My Sabbaths, and carry Christ within them... Even unto pure testimony, in His name, in love.
Therefore, again I tell you, no leader amongst the churches, who forsake the Sabbath, even the seventh day, of which I had by Myself sanctified from the beginning, shall escape the Day of the Lord... Refinement shall be their companion.
No leader, amongst the churches, who embraces all these modern holidays of men, of which I hate, shall by any means escape the Day of the Lord’s fury. Remember My Holy Days... In them shall you begin to know the mind of God and the glory of His Christ.
And, NO leader amongst the churches, who teaches the doctrine of hell and eternal torment, shall by any means be gathered. Neither shall any, who embrace this teaching, escape, for I do not know them... Neither do I abide in them.
And not one, who comes speaking against this Word and My prophets, to stone them in word and in deed, to slander, to spit upon them, to strike at them, even to bring one railing accusation against them, whether it be in open or in secret, shall escape the Day of the Lord, except by martyrdom... Brought forth after their repentance, from a sincere and remorseful heart, for all they had done against God by assaulting His prophets. Neither age, nor gender, shall deliver them, for the Lord, your God, is no respecter of persons... I know your hearts.

As I am, says the Lord, so I shall be.
And as I have always done, so shall I perform it again amongst you...
Yes, even among this modern and perverse generation.

Except you call on the name of the Son,
In repentance and in truth, with sincere remorse...
A broken vessel atop this same Stone,
Which is called Wonderful, Counselor, and Mighty God,
Even your Everlasting Father...
You will by no means escape.

Run to your Savior...
And flee all these churches of men
And their self-appointed apostles, prophets and teachers.

Run to YahShua, whom you call Christ and Jesus.

For He, alone, is your hope and your shield... Your only escape...
By Him shall you come into glory, abiding in the Father’s joy.

For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom...
And knowledge of His Son, alone, is understanding.
Abide in Him only, and you have Me also.

Abide in the world, and you shall also reap the world’s reward...







For more:
[link to www.miniurl.com]

or search under google:
Letters from God and His Christ
 Quoting: TrumpetBlast

I will not nit pick and quarrel with what is said here. Much of it is good. I will say one thing. Every day is the Lord's day. Jesus transform us into children of light and we enter into the eternal Sabbath of God 's Son through a new being that naturally bring about the works of Christ. I pray for you Timothy and all that is hear and yearn for truth. I speak a word of blessing. May God the father bless you all with understanding from above!
 Quoting: Baruch HaShem

theres a millenial sabbath before the world is consummed with fire, then theres the great white throne of judgement, then an eternal sabbath........

long ways to go perhaps.....

least a couple 1000 years anyways.....
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