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Unfortunately, the illuminati was right. We are not worthy.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 987000
06/20/2011 09:21 AM
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Unfortunately, the illuminati was right. We are not worthy.
We are in fact, insane. And this planet is our asylum. If it weren't for the illuminati, human being would have been gone thousands of years ago by killing each others. But now, they finally given up on us because our condition is getting worse.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1337468
United States
06/20/2011 11:37 AM
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Re: Unfortunately, the illuminati was right. We are not worthy.
The Illuminati has been killing Mankind for Millennia. We just do what were are told.

We criticize, our jokes are at the expense of others. We idolize, covet, steal, rape, murder. We envy, are selfish, plunder the very planet that is our home (seriously, there is no other home for us, yet we shit on it). We kill thousands in the name of war for who's benefit?

And, we play into the PTB every single second of the day. We watch their mind controlling/mind altering t.v. shows and think it's OK to kill another human being, to maim, to steal, to laugh at, point fingers, to blow up and destroy, to dumb ourselves down and not give a damn.

How many negative thoughts of yourself or others (whether you know them or not) do you have in a single minute, hour, day?

How many times have each of you taken a few moments and thought about how this is all going to end? How many of you have stopped and looked around and said, 'Wait a minute, this isn't the path Mankind was supposed to take', 'Where are we headed?'

Do you really think you are honoring yourself? Your soul? This planet and all it's inhabitants? Are you doing everything you can to preserve the Human Race in this incredible awe-inspiring Universe of which we know very little?

Do you think it's cool that the PTB are pushing Artificial Intelligence upon us? Are you so naive thinking it's FOR you? Do you really think it's so you will have an easy future, have some half human half robot doing all the work while you sit beck and relax? Fools - they are letting you know through the movies and music videos that YOU are soon going to be replaced. The dumbing-down educational system is to get your kids ready for work, that's all. No music, no maths, no science, no individual thought, no Creativity...and you as parents are all letting it happen because you have decided to step back from educating your children and let a system that is evil and part of a greater Plan do it for you.

Why is it OK to laugh at someone who is smart? Why is it not cool to be highly intelligent? Why? Because the movies told you so. Why is Porn an acceptable behavior yet destroys the sacred and spiritual bond shared between loving humans? Why? Because the movies told you so. And, you blindly follow along. Why do you think it's OK to remain ignorant, and hate others that do not look, sound, act, think, believe as you do? Because you believe it is the way, their way.

Once Mankind has fulfilled 'their' agenda there will be NO use for Man. The ultimate goal is to take control over the entire planet, rid it of most Humans, and create a paradise for themselves. If there are any humans left, they will be to serve them and manage the lands.

Whens the last time you looked in the mirror and said 'I love who I am and who I am becoming.' Or, 'I love and accept myself even though I have problems.'

When is the last time you forgave yourself, or someone else?