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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Waterbug
Post Content
Tepco press release concerning water transfers

On the other hand, the evaluation of radiation dose at the floor level in the case the
water was transferred up to the 1st basement floor level assumed to fall below 1mSv/h,
however, the radiation dose is assumed to be high as more than 100mSv/h in some areas
such as the neighborhood of the aperture
. For this reason, it was planned to ensure the
space to re-transfer when the high level wastewater is transferred beyond the 1st
basement floor level at first. Now, therefore, we will seek the radiation protectionthrough the operation control as we are now modifying the storage water level of the
Process Main Building to reduce the risk of the leakage to the outside of the system and
it is difficult to ensure the space to re-transfer. Specifically, we prohibit the work at the
1st floor when the water was transferred up to the 1st basement floor level in principle.

[link to www.tepco.co.jp]

These are severe problems. It seems almost impossible they will be able to keep some of this from entering the ocean.

400 tons a day. The place is saturated. Water lapping at the ground levels. If they get a stalled system that dumps a bunch of rain for any significant amount of time, this will be a worse situation than ever, if that's possible.

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