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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Waterbug
Post Content
TEPCO Plans Dangerous Liquid Nitrogen Injections at Fukushima Reactor 2

Earlier this week, TEPCO tried to fill the reactor 2 containment with water. That did not work. So they OPENED the containment and released BILLIONS of lethal doses of radiation. Now they are wondering whether there is any water left in the bottom of the containment.

Now they are going to pump liquid nitrogen into the core of reactor 2. Liquid nitrogen freezes at -346 degrees F and boils at -321 degrees F. A 25 degree F difference. First, they will probably never actually get any liquid nitrogen near the core – it will boil away immediately upon being pumped into the containment (they tried it at Chernobyl – it didn’t work there, either). If, by some physical quirk they manage to pump some on a nuclear core at 3,000 degrees F, they will be mightily surprised at what happens. The expansion ration of liquid nitrogen is about 1:7. They will probably manage to asphyxiate everyone within a block if it doesn’t blow up in their face. But maybe they will get lucky. Maybe they will only release a few billion more lethal doses of radiation.

[link to hawaiinewsdaily.com]

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