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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Waterbug
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Goals of Reactor Safety

Ultimately, the goal of reactor safety is to reduce the likelihood of a threatening situation caused by the operation of a nuclear power plant to the absolute lowest degree possible. Specifically, this goal translates into four subgoals:

1. Public Safety - There must be no release of radioactive material in dangerous quantities from a nuclear facility to the general public.

2. Industrial Personnel - Every reasonable effort should be made to eliminate accidents involving plant employees. The frequency of such events should be reduced to the lowest possible level, certainly lower than that of other comparable industries.

3. Economic - The likelihood of a serious accident which would result in severe damage to the nuclear facility should be kept as small as possible.

4. Operational Problems - System malfunctions and deviations from normal behavior should be reduced to a minimum.

Historically, governments have been primarily concerned with public and personnel safety; hence, nuclear safety research sponsored by government agencies is more likely to address these issues. Operating groups - utilities and vendors - support a broad sponsorship in all four areas. Again, this trend will likely continue.
[link to users.owt.com]

- I'd have to say they are 0 for four.
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