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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle citizenperth
Post Content
Hot spring facility reopens near Fukushima plant.

[link to ajw.asahi.com]

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1407932

Why not, the People there need Hot Water
and they need a Place that remind them
of the good old Times which not come back
so soon!

This Place is only for:

For the time being, only the Naraha residents and the town's decontamination workers will be eligible to use the facility, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean from its perch on Cape Tenjin.

Source is the orginal Article!
 Quoting: the mighty Atom

because not all beautiful places are irradiated to the point of destruction

you go there.. you die..make a choice?...


showing true colours again atom.........
 Quoting: citizenperth

I have nothing to hide, you Fraggel!

We know already a lot about Radiation
and we know the dangerous as well as the harmless Levels!

That Space/ Location is in a spot where we are not allowed
to stay for example Overnight but this do not mean that
the People who are working there should not have a Shower
or a place to rest after a Meal!

By the Way many Onsen emit a lot of Radiation
and spec. the old People love it because it help
them with their rheumatic Diseases!

The Olympic Games 2020 will be in Tokyo and northern Japan!
 Quoting: the mighty Atom

yeah, we know, by then it won't matter.. get the 12 year olds out in fukushima for practice min-olympics... my god.....

you fool no one and lie only to yourself and a dwindling pack of idiot supporters.....

as usual you fail to support with documentation or links.... therefore you argument, as usual, is moot....
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