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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow, he found one, a single Blog!

We can add ex-Sfk also and he is good
from a journalistic point of View
but what is with the huge number of
Japanese Blogs and their Information?

You don't know and there is also no Censorship!

Since day one there is only one kind of Censorship
and this is coming from the stupid People
who think that they understand something,
People like you are much more harmful for
the Anti-Nuclear Movement.

People like you demand Radicalism without
being even a bit Radical by your self,
you and other People here are the biggest
Hypocrites, the bad Scum which will kill all if us!

Out and over,
and when you want to provide Information
here on Glp than do so but don't link
your stupid Blog, there is no benefit for us
but Visitors and Money for you,
a loan Troll!
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