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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Citizenperth
Post Content

I'm providing a link.
I read the articles.. when I feel like quoting an article.. I do.

Otherwise.. read the freaking thing yourself.

There's a good boy.
 Quoting: Waterbug

Oh, i do this mostly always but many other
People just look and read the Headlines,
this led to misinterpretations and you could
avoid this just by adding more Information,
and this is easy for you!

Also do not forget that many Sources keep
their Articles only for ca. 3 Months online,
some not even that long.

This mean that when People use this Thread
for Research they can't really understand it
and they get even more fear because of
your chosen Headlinez!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28909669

There should be a law that if they take down the original link then one could post the complete text. At least people could save interesting text for themselves. I do.
 Quoting: ehecatl

....or post 49% on one blog, and 49% on another blog, and if the original link disappears, offer the hook-up between the two blogs. Complicated, but where there's a will there is a way.
 Quoting: ehecatl

already being done, i have a building of complete articles that i don't release to the web but have stored on several servers. am saving them for that probable eventuality.
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